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OptaBro is an optical communications research group at the Department of Radioelectronics at the Brno University of Technology.


DW reports about the potential of laser for data transfer.


Last month we hosted in our Lab reporter from Deutsche Welle who reports about research and development of free space laser communication. An article and recording of the report can be found at the following links.



Li-Fi module doubles the data rate - 10Gbit/s.

2014-06-18, Juraj

In order to transfer large amounts of data from one terminal device to another in next to no time and without an interfering cable, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS are working on using light as a transmission medium. Optical wireless data transmission should serve as an alternative to wired data transfer and replace established standards such as USB3.0, USB3.1, Gigabit-Ethernet or 10-Gigabit-Ethernet.


10 YouTube Channels Every Engineer Must See.

2014-01-21, Juraj

With YouTube becoming just as much a hub for education as it is a center for entertainment, more and more educators are using the platform to enlighten the masses in ways once never thought of. Engineers can use this platform to learn about a variety of topics, ranging from mathematics to astrophysics, all at the click of a button. Here are the best channels for engineers to learn something new everyday on YouTube.


THz transmission record.

2013-12-02, Juraj

To achieve such high data rates the researchers put together an experimental system that combined cutting-edge electronics and photonics. They elected to add photonic elements to the transmitter setup instead of just using electronics, because the photonics enabled a larger bandwidth and a larger dynamic range. The downside, however, was that the photonic scheme lowered the transmitter's output power.


Doors open days.

2013-11-20, Juraj

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication together with SIX and CVVOZE research centres will organise a doors open days on the 28th of November 2013, 17th of December 2013 and 29th of January 2014.


1.6 Tbps passive optical wireless transmission over 80 metres.

2013-11-07, Juraj

OpticWise COST IC1101 Action world record. Performed a fully passive building to building FSO link at 1.6 Tbit/s on the Aveiro University Campus (see on SPIE Vol 52, Issue 11, Nov 2013).


FLIR Systems, Inc. - Laser Rangefinders: K-Series

2013-11-04, Juraj

These laser rangefinders are the smallest and lightest solid-state laser multi-kilometer class laser rangefinders available on the market today. Their single shot ranging allows you to achieve precise range measurements on moving targets, and an up to 5Hz rep rate gives you real time measurements. Face plate dimensions in your systems can be greatly minimized by the laser rangefinder's small receiver optics.


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