432 MHz

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New Antenna  M2 8WL switchable h/v:                       (2015)
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FIRST EME Contacts:

Antennas at home in JN89HF about 300 m a.s.l. designed for satellite communication.

Only vertical 19 el. Yagi was used for first attempt of EME qso on 70 cm in April 2010.


Rig: FT-847, 50W output power

WSJT window of the complete qso by JT65b mode


The QSL card HB9Q confirming QSO described above


Indeed, the equipment of HB9Q is excellent:

- 15.28m dish, f/d: 0.53, double cross-dipole
- RX: switchable H/V, TX: circular
- 7/8'' hard-line by Huber & Suhner
- GaAs FET 0.4 dB NF by DJ3FI
- 2x8874 by HB9SV, 1 KW
- Kuhne Electronic TR 432 H into Flex 5000 
- NF Filter: DSP 599zx
- JT65B by K1JT


Next day another big gun succeeded fully random:


And chat following QSO:

18 17:07:16        OK2AQMirek                  PI9CAM     your best -18, TNX and best 73s

18 17:04:38        PI9CAMTeam CAM       OK2AQ      Yr best -25. mny tnx fer fine qso, best 73' 

18 17:04:27        OK2AQMirek                  PI9CAM      thanks for qso. I have 19Y and 50 W.