Department of Radio Electronics, FEEC BUT

The Department of Radio Electronics (DREL) of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication (FEEC) at the Brno University of Technology was founded together with the Faculty in the year 1959. The first head of the department and at the same time the first dean of the Faculty was prof. Jan Kalendovský. During the several past years, one professor of the department was the rector of the University, two professors were engaged in the post of dean of the Faculty, and a number of other department's member were vice-rectors, and vice-deans at the University, and the Faculty, respectively. In its whole history, the department has had six heads: prof. Jan Kalendovský (1959-1970), prof. Kamil Vrba (1970-1981), prof. Vladimír Mikula (1981-1990), prof. Jiří Svačina (1990-2006), prof. Zbyněk Raida (2006-2013) and doc. Tomáš Kratochvíl (since 2013).

At present time, the department is one of the largest special departments at the Faculty. It is represented in pedagogical and scientific boards of the Faculty, and in scientific boards of the Czech Technical University in Prague, of its Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and of the University of Defence in Brno. The department is also represented in educational boards of all types of study programs in the Faculty: Bachelor study programs, Master study programs and also Doctor study programs. The department is also represented in similar boards at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the CTU in Prague. Since 1990, two professors were chairmans of the Academic Senate of FEEC, one was in position of statutory representative dean and vice dean for Master study programs.

Recently, prof. Hanus is vice dean for Master study programs. Two former professors on DREL - prof. Dušan Černohoský and prof. Vladimír Mikula were in 2002 nominated as the emeritus professors on BUT. In 2004, prof. Miroslav Kasal received extra prize of rector BUT for important engineering work in field of satellite communication and prof. Jiří Svačina received the Gold medal of BUT for benefit in development of Electronics and Communication Techniques on Brno University of Technology.

Pedagogical Activities

During its history, the department has educated several thousand students in the Master study programs "Radio Engineering", and "Radio Electronics". At present, the department provides an extensive pedagogical activity in full-time graduate study mainly in the Master program "Electronics and Communication" with the main orientation towards the theoretical fundamentals and applications of electronics, radio communications and instrumentation electronics, audio and video techniques, and signal processing. Department supports more than 40 courses of Bachelor and Master study programs. Students of other programs can attend the additional courses on DREL in fields of analog, impulse and digital circuits and systems, TV and video techniques, high frequency and microwave techniques, antennas and theory of electromagnetic field, signal processing, wireless communication and electromagnetic compatibility. In last three years, teachers made about 60 new lecture notes, pedagogical softwares and other aids, mainly in electronic form. Department is active in teaching in English language, and in courses for lifelong learning and commercial companies (Flextronics, T-Mobile CZ, Gity, AVX) as well.

Science and Research

In the field of science and research, the department is traditionally concerned on the solution of selected problems in these areas:

  • theory of electronic circuits and systems,
  • application of electronic circuits in communication systems, controlling and industrial techniques,
  • signal processing and its impact on speech processing and digital radiotechnique,
  • electromagnetic waves, antennas, microwaves, optoelectronics and electromagnetic compatibility,
  • special electronic communications (mobile, satellite, optical wireless communication).

Science and research is mainly sponsored by the grant projects from Czech and foreign grant agencies. Prof. Raida is author and guarantee of the research grant titled "Wireless communication teams (WICOMT)" from 2010 to 2013. He is also director of the recently established SIX research centre which is focused on the research of communication systems and their components to be operated in emerging frequency bands.

Research and development activities concentrate on solving assignments, orders and expert's reports for firms, industrial companies and experimental institutes. In these regions, DREL has over 20 Czech and more than 16 foreign cooperative schools, industrial companies and institutions. In the last few years, more than 10 technical arrangements and programs were realized. Most considerable project are as follows

  • atmospheric laser optical relay link with self-adapting control,
  • contactless optoelectronic measuring instrument of proportions with the CCD elements and microprocessor control,
  • onboard low noise receiver in L band for the experimental satellite PHASE 3D of international organization AMSAT,
  • SNAP - computer program for symbolic analysis of electronic circuits,
  • digital quadrature detector for SDR (software defined radio) systems,
  • PLL frequency synthesizer and detectors with postprocessing DSP for receiver of transponder from satellite Phase 3E organization AMSAT,
  • testing and measurement of EDGE system for the fast data transmission in GSM network (in cooperation with T-Mobile CZ a.s.) in the laboratory of mobile communications.

Other special activities

Department evolves as well extensive special, expert and evaluational activities for other institutions, academic and scholarship experimental workplaces. Every year, more than hundred requested reviews on PhD theses and inaugural dissertations, on articles in Czech and foreign magazines, on Czech and foreign scientific conferences, reviews on experimental and technical news, on grant applications and others are worked out. The department is founder and one of the organizers of international conference Radioelektronika. DREL is co-editor of scientific magazine Radioengineering - common international publication of Czech and Slovak technical universities and URSI committees (Union Radio Scientifique Internationale).

DREL is collective member of the international organization AMSAT (Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation); in this organization DREL participates in development of experimental satellites. Most employees and doctoral students on DREL are members of international scientific organization IEEE (Institutes of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), the students' branch of IEEE is working on DREL. Currently, the head of the IEEE Czechoslovak section is a member of the DREL. One worker of DREL is a member of the English scientific companies IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) and a member of the English engineering council in category Fellow. Teachers on DREL are members of editorial councils in three international scientific magazines, two teachers were nominated correspondents of URSI. One teacher is a member of European committee association for education of electricians and information science engineers, other teacher is a member of European institute for acoustics.