Doctoral study

Doctoral study program "Electronics and communication techniques" is aimed at upbringing senior scientific employees that are able to develop fully new electronic devices, improve methods for signal processing, etc. on the basis gained by deep theoretic knowledge. Graduates find their place in experimental, research and development (R & D) centers, in academy and science institutions. Doctoral study program graduates are also very successful abroad.

Doctoral study program can be started after previous successful graduation in Master study program. It is possible to study Doctoral study program from three to seven years. Students concerned about doctoral study program apply always for a specific dissertation topic whose successful defence concludes the study.

Study program

Full-time study:

Electrical Engineering and Communication (EKT-PP)

Part-time study:

Electrical Engineering and Communication (EKT-PK)

Study specialisation

Full-time study:

Electronics and Communications (PP-EST)

Part-time study:

Electronics and Communications (PK-EST)


List of courses



Modern electronic circuit design (winter semestr)

Prof. Dr. Ing. Zdeněk Kolka


Modern digital wireless communication (summer semestr)

Prof. Ing. Milan Sigmund, CSc.