All DREL students

Access to PC lab at DREL

2013-10-08, Fryza

DREL students may access SC6.66 and SC6.60 A PC labs for educational purpose when there is no education running. To gain access please visit Josef Bana in consultation hours.

AVR microcontrollers programmer

2013-02-07, Povalac

Updated to support programming under AVR Studio 5 and 6.

There is a possibility for DREL students to buy a PCB for AVR microcontrollers programmer BiProg in workroom (SD6.82).

Information for PCB production

2010-03-24, Vanzura, Vorac

Information and recommendations for printed circuit boards production at DREL.

Guidelines for presentation preparation

2007-10-01, Kratochvil

Guidelines for preparation presentation of semestral projects, bachelor and diploma theses for Electronics and Communication study program.