Fall semester

  • Quantum and laser electronics – MKVE

Students will learn the basic postulates of quantum mechanics, Schrödinger equation, the wave function, the uncertainty principle, statistical thermodynamics, interactions of radiation and matter, the basic properties of laser radiation, principles and characteristics of lasers, laser detection, and the effects of laser radiation on the human body and the use of lasers in medicine, industry and telecommunications. In the individual project, students will solve specific laser application.


Spring semester

  • Optoelectronics – BOPE

Students will be acquainted with radiometric and photometric quantities, metrology and hygiene aspects of optoelectronics (optoelectronic safety in the laboratory in terms of eye health) wave optics (interference, coherence, diffraction and holography), optical resonators, Gaussian beam in free space, the principle function of laser, semiconductor optoelectronics (laser diodes, LEDs, photodiodes PIN and avalanche photodiodes), the principle of light propagation in optical fibers, optical fiber links, atmospheric, mobile and space optical links and optical sensors.