prof. Ing. Miroslav Kasal, CSc.

Technicka 12, SE7.108
Tel.: +420 5 4114 6537


Radiofrequency and microwave techniques, satellite communication, signal processing, scientific instruments.


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Radio Relay and Satellite Communication


Selected projects

High-power Laser Head - the Modulator Driver (2014)
Czech Space Research Center, spol. s r. o.

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Selected publications

ZÁPLATA, F.; KASAL, M. Using the Goertzel algorithm as a filter. In 24th International Conference Radioelektronika (RADIOELEKTRONIKA 2014). 2014. p. 1-3. ISBN: 978-1-4799-3713-4.

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Selected products

Kasal, M., Záplata, F.
Engineering model of an electrooptical modulator driver of the power laser for eLISA project

Kasal, M., Záplata, F.
Prototype of an electrooptical modulator driver Kasal, M., Záplata, F.

Záplata, F., Kasal, M.
Software for the automatic antenna rotator control using EGIS controller

Kasal, M., Záplata, F.
Automatic Doppler Shift Compensation in Extraterrestrial Microwave Communication

Kasal, M.
Low Noise Amplifier for 10 GHz Band with Wave Guide Input

Kasal, M.
Solid State Power Amplifier 10 GHz 20 W

Kasal, M.
10 GHz power amplifier 10 W

Vágner, P., Urbanec, T., Kasal, M.
Transmitter and controller for an experimental satellite

Urbanec, T., Vágner, P., Kasal, M.
Receiver for Experimental Satellite BricSat

Kasal, M.
10 GHz power amplifier 4 W

Kasal, M., Vágner, P.
Special feed for parabolic antenna with circular polarization

Kasal, M., Vágner, P., Urbanec, T.
Satellite transponder - monitor

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